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Lessons learned. Indicators and good practice for an environmentally-friendly urban garden (2016)
Voigt, A.; Leitao, T.; Hursthouse, A.; Jokinen, A.; Heller, A.; Latkowska, M.; da Luz, P.; Christ, Y.; Bechet, B.; Kulvik, M.; Langemeyer, J.
Contribution in edited book
Long-term vegetation changes in Nardus grasslands in the UNESCO biosphere reserve Rhön (2016)
Stanik, N.; Rosenthal, G.
Conference proceedings article
Linking entrepreneurial orientation to firm performance in a post-socialist market context: the case of Hungary (2016)
Kovacs, D.; Ürkmez, T.; Brockhaus, D.; Wagner, R.; Zulauf, K.
Conference proceedings article