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Teacher Self-Efficacy as a Long-Term Predictor of Instructional Quality in the Classroom (2016)
Künsting, J.; Neuber, V.; Lipowsky, F.
Journal article
The Body (ies) of the Roman Emperor (2016)
Ruffing, K.
Conference proceedings article
The U.S. management of the financial crisis - a study of hegemony (2016)
Scherrer, C.
Contribution in edited book
The Labor Market Effects of Trade Unions: Layard meets Melitz (2016)
Pinto, M.; Michaelis, J.
Journal article
The impact of chemical pollution on the resilience of soils under multiple stresses: A conceptual framework for future research (2016)
Schaeffer, A.; Amelung, W.; Hollert, H.; Kaestner, M.; Kandeler, E.; Kruse, J.; Miltner, A.; Ottermanns, R.; Pagel, H.; Peth, S.; Poll, C.; Rambold, G.; Schloter, M.; Schulz, S.; Streck, T.; Ross-Nickoll, M.
Journal article
Three-dimensional structure and cyanobacterial activity within a desert biological soil crust (2016)
Raanan, H.; Felde, V.; Peth, S.; Drahorad, S.; Ionescu, D.; Eshkol, G.; Treves, H.; Felix-Henningsen, P.; Berkowicz, S.; Keren, N.; Horn, R.; Hagemann, M.; Kaplan, A.
Journal article