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Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations of femtosecond-laser-induced anti-Peierls transition in antimony (2016)
Zijlstra, E.; Zier, T.; Bauerhenne, B.; Krylow, S.; Garcia, M.
Conference proceedings article
Absolute Configuration from Different Multifragmentation Pathways in Light-induced Coulomb Explosion Imaging (2016)
Pitzer, M.; Kastirke, G.; Kunitski, M.; Jahnke, T.; Bauer, T.; Goihl, C.; Trinter, F.; Schober, C.; Henrichs, K.; Becht, J.; Zeller, S.; Gassert, H.; Waitz, M.; Kuhlins, A.; Johnson, A.; Sann, H.; Sturm, F.; Wiegandt, F.; Wallauer, R.; Schmidt, L.; Mazenauer, M.; Spenger, B.; Marquardt, S.; Marquardt, S.; Schmidt-Böcking, H.; Stohner, J.; Dörner, R.; Schöffler, M.; Berger, R.
Journal article
A Closer Glance at the Notion of Fairtrade (2016)
Schmitz, A.; Ürkmez, T.; Wagner, R.
Conference proceedings article
A Comparison of Psychoanalytic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety (Panic/Agoraphobia) and Personality Disorders (APD Study): Presentation of the RCT Study Design (2016)
Benecke, C.; Huber, D.; Staats, H.; Zimmermann, J.; Henkel, M.; Deserno, H.; Wiegand-Grefe, S.; Schauenburg, H.
Journal article
Addressing participatory challenges for sustainable landscapes (2016)
Bruns, D.
Contribution in edited book
Ad free art on the underground: Düsseldors pure new metro line, The Guardian (GB), 19.02.2016 (2016)
Dunmall, G.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)