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Far-infrared spectra of Dimethyl-Ether and its 13C enriched isotopomers: the fundamental band of the C-O-C in plane bending mode, ν7

Kutzer, P.; Weissmann, D.; Waßmuth, B.; Pirali, O.; Roy, P.; Yamada, K.; Giesen, T.
Journal article
Farm centric and equifinal approach to reduce production diseases on dairy farms (2016)
Sundrum, A.; Emanuelson, U.; Fourichon, C.; Hogeveen, H.; Tranter, R.; Velarde, A.
Conference proceedings article
Fast Optimizing Control for Non-Convex State Constraints using Homotopy Properties (2016)
Kontny, D.; Stursberg, O.
Conference proceedings article
Feather pecking in laying hens – do control and case flocks differ regarding compliance with recommendations? (2016)
Jung, L.; Brenninkmeyer, C.; Knierim, U.
Conference proceedings article
Flexible Tarife (2016)
Sommer, C.; Sauer, J.
Journal article