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Nada dura para siempre. Neo-extractivismo tras el boom de las materias primas (2016)
Burchardt, H.; Domínguez, R.; Larrea, C.; Peters, S.
Edited book
Neue Institutionenökonomik (NIÖ) und Antike Wirtschaft (2016)
Ruffing, K.
Conference proceedings article
New Perspectives for Environmental Policies through Behavioral Economics (2016)
Beckenbach, F.; Kahlenborn, W.
Edited book
No Evidence for Ionotropic Pheromone Transduction in the Hawkmoth Manduca sexta (2016)
Nolte, A.; Gawalek, P.; Körte, S.; Wei, H.; Schumann, R.; Werckenthin, A.; Krieger, J.; Stengl, M.
Journal article
Non-compete clauses, employee effort and spin-off entrepreneurship: A laboratory experiment (2016)
Bünstorf, G.; Engel, C.; Fischer, S.; Güth, W.
Journal article