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Characteristics of organic dairy farm types in seven European countries (2016)
Wallenbeck, A.; Bieber, A.; Spengler Neff, A.; Fuerst-Walt, B.; Winckler, C.; Ivemeyer, S.; Simantke, C.; March, S.; Brinkmann, J.; Rousing Nielsen, T.; Sorensen, J.; Walczak, J.; Wojcik, P.; Ribikauskas, V.
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Classifying flexibility types in smart electric distribution grids: a taxonomy (2016)
Bärenfänger, R.; Drayer, E.; Daniluk, D.; Otto, B.; Vanet, E.; Caire, R.; Abbas, T.; Lisanti, B.
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Cognitive Radio Prototype for Industrial Applications (2016)
Saad, A.; Mansour, N.; Dahlhaus, D.
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Comparison of native and commercial dairy breeds on organic farms in five European countries (2016)
Bieber, A.; Spengler Neff, A.; Fuerst-Waltl, B.; Ivemeyer, S.; Simantke, C.; Stricker, C.; Walczak, J.; Wallenbeck, A.; Winckler, C.; Wojcik, P.
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Compressed Symmetric Graphs for the Simulation of Super Carbon Nanotubes (2016)
Burger, M.; Bischof, C.; Wackerfuß, J.
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Concepts for Tenant Tickets for Connecting Habitation and Transport (2016)
Sommer, C.; Lambrecht, F.
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