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ICT-Based Communication Events as Triggers of Stress: A Mixed Methods Study (2016)
Reinke, K.; Gerlach, G.; Tarafdar, M.; Stock-Homburg, R.
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Identification and development of appropriate measures to routinely assess the reactivity of dairy cows towards humans (2016)
Ebinghaus, A.; Ivemeyer, S.; Rupp, J.; Knierim, U.
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III-V Integration on Si for Photonics (2016)
Reithmaier, J.; Benyoucef, M.
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Impact of climate forcing uncertainty and human water use on global and continental water balance components (2016)
Schmied, H.; Adam, L.; Eisner, S.; Fink, G.; Floerke, M.; Kim, H.; Oki, T.; Portmann, F.; Reinecke, R.; Riedel, C.; Song, Q.; Zhang, J.; Doell, P.
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Impact of cross-age tutortraining formats on tutees’ autonomy and performance

Berger, R.; Müller, M.; Hänze, M.
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Implementation and Validation of WECC Generic Photovoltaic System Models in DIgSILENT PowerFactory (2016)
Lammert, G.; Pabón Ospina, L.; Pourbeik, P.; Fetzer, D.; Braun, M.
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Improving Resilience by Deploying Permuted Code onto Physically Unclonable Unique Processors (2016)
Assmuth, A.; Cockshott, P.; Kipke, J.; Renaud, K.; Mackenzie, L.; Vanderbauwhede, W.; Söllner, M.; Fischer, T.; Weir, G.
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Informationsdarstellung in Datenbrillen bei der Steuerung eines Flugroboters (2016)
Ziegner, D.; Himpelmann, T.; Hegenberg, J.; Herrmann, R.; Schmidt, L.
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Internal economic losses due to culled and diseased dairy cows (2016)
Sundrum, A.; Hoischen-Taubner, S.; Feucker, W.
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