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Earliest Onychophoran in Amber Reveals Gondwanan Migration Patterns (2016)
de Sena Oliveira, I.; Bai, M.; Jahn, H.; Gross, V.; Martin, C.; Hammel, J.; Zhang, W.; Mayer, G.
Journal article
Effect of non-equilibrium heat treatments on microstructure and tensile Properties of an
Al-Si-Cu alloy
Bacaicoa Garcia, I.; Dwivedi, P.; Lütje, M.; Zeismann, F.; Brückner-Foit, A.; Geisert, A.; Fehlbier, M.
Journal article
Effects of cover crop growth and decomposition on the distribution of aggregate size fractions and soil microbial carbon dynamics (2016)
Linsler, D.; Kaiser, M.; Andruschkewitsch, R.; Piegholdt, C.; Ludwig, B.
Journal article
Efficacy of Copper Alternatives Applied As Stop-Sprays Against Plasmopara Viticola in Grapevine (2016)
Finckh, M.; Lukas, K.; Innerebner, G.; Kelderer, M.; Finckh, M.; Hohmann, P.
Journal article