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Helminth infection is associated with hen mortality in Danish organic egg production (2016)
Hinrichsen, L.; Labouriau, R.; Engberg, R.; Knierim, U.; Sorensen, J.
Journal article
Heuristic Strategies in Systems Biology (2016)
Groß, F.
Journal article
Highly efficient and easy protease-mediated protein purification (2016)
Bornscheuer, U.; Pavlidis, I.; Last, D.; Müller, J.; Moldenhauer, E.; Dawood, A.; Herberg, F.
Journal article
High-precision force sensing using a single trapped ion (2016)
Ivanov, P.; Vitanov, N.; Singer, K.
Journal article
High-Quality Solid Fuel Production from Leaf Litter of Urban Street Trees (2016)
Nurmatov, N.; Leon Gomez, D.; Hensgen, F.; Bühle, L.; Wachendorf, M.
Journal article