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Teacher Self-Efficacy as a Long-Term Predictor of Instructional Quality in the Classroom (2016)
Künsting, J.; Neuber, V.; Lipowsky, F.
Journal article
The Chemistry of Organo Silanetriols (2016)
Pietschnig, R.; Spirk, S.
Journal article
The effect of data structure and model choices on MFA results: A comparison of phosphorus balances for Denmark and Austria (2016)
Klinglmair, M.; Zoboli, O.; Laner, D.; Rechberger, H.; Astrup, T.; Scheutz, C.
Journal article
The Evolution of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder in Early Parkinson Disease (2016)
Sixel-Döring, F.; Zimmermann, J.; Wegener, A.; Mollenhauer, B.; Trenkwalder, C.
Journal article