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Economic Arguments for International Workers’ Rights (2017)
Scherrer, C.
Contribution in edited book
Editorial Vergessen (2017)
Hirsch, R.; Lindner, R.
Journal article
Effect of biodynamic soil amendments on microbial communities in comparison with inorganic fertilization (2017)
Faust, S.; Heinze, S.; Ngosong, C.; Sradnick, A.; Oltmanns, M.; Raupp, J.; Geisseler, D.; Jörgensen, R.
Journal article
Effect of grazing intensity and soil characteristics on soil organic carbon and nitrogen stocks in a temperate long-term grassland (2017)
Nüsse, A.; Linsler, D.; Kaiser, M.; Ebeling, D.; Tonn, B.; Isselstein, J.; Ludwig, B.
Journal article
Effect of tillage, subsidiary crops and fertilisation on plant-parasitic nematodes in a range of agro-environmental conditions within Europe (2017)
Schmidt, J.; Bergkvist, G.; Campiglia, E.; Radicetti, E.; Wittwer, R.; Finckh, M.; Hallmann, J.
Journal article
Effects of false yam tuber meals and charcoal on broiler chicken production and blood parameters (2017)
Rößler, R.; Amprako, L.; Ayeb, M.; Menezes, R.; Hölscher, D.; Alenyorege, B.; Dei, H.; Steiner, C.
Journal article
Effects of fine root characteristics of beech on carbon turnover in the topsoil and subsoil of a sandy Cambisol (2017)
Vormstein, S.; Kaiser, M.; Piepho, H.; Jörgensen, R.; Ludwig, B.
Journal article
Effects of learning design patterns in service learning courses (2017)
Gerholz, K.; Liszt, V.; Klingsieck, K.
Journal article