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Handbuch Arbeitgeber- und Wirtschaftsverbände in Deutschland (2017)
Schroeder, W.; Weßels, B.
Edited book
Hart-Weich-Verbunde aus LSR und mit UV-Licht aktivierten Polycarbonaten (2017)
Giesen, R.; Hartung, M.; Rüppel, A.; Heim, H.
Journal article
Hate Speech - Das Subjekt des Widerstands (2017)
Tuider, E.
Contribution in edited book
Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Leaf Litter Designated for Combustion (2017)
Nitsche, M.; Nurmatov, N.; Hensgen, F.; Wachendorf, M.
Journal article
High-Level Synthesis for Model-Based Design with Automatic Folding including Combined Common Subcircuits (2017)
Sittel, P.; Kumm, M.; Möller, K.; Hardieck, M.; Zipf, P.
Conference proceedings article
Hippolyte Taine (1828 - 1893) (2017)
Kropf, J.
Contribution in edited book
How Do Patients Expect Apps to Provide Drug Information? (2017)
Grube, A.; Dehling, T.; Sunyaev, A.
Conference proceedings article