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Magnetic charge distribution and stray field landscape of asymmetric néel walls in a magnetically patterned exchange bias layer system (2017)
Zingsem, N.; Ahrend, F.; Vock, S.; Gottlob, D.; Krug, I.; Doganay, H.; Holzinger, D.; Neu, V.; Ehresmann, A.
Journal article
Magnetic domain propagation in Pt/Co/Pt micro wires with engineered coercivity gradients along and across the wire (2017)
Jarosz, A.; Gaul, A.; Urbaniak, M.; Ehresmann, A.; Stobiecki, F.
Journal article
Manager-Derailment (2017)
Möller, H.; Müller, A.
Journal article
Man-Made Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene - Characterization of Fracture Toughness and Crack Path Simulation (2017)
Zarges, J.; Feldmann, M.; Heim, H.; Judt, P.; Ricoeur, A.
Conference proceedings article

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Bereswill, M.
Contribution in edited book