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High-Level Synthesis for Model-Based Design with Automatic Folding including Combined Common Subcircuits (2017)
Sittel, P.; Kumm, M.; Möller, K.; Hardieck, M.; Zipf, P.
Conference proceedings article
Design Recommendations for Tactons in Touch Screen Interaction (2017)
Stein, T.; Seeger, M.; Borys, B.; Schmidt, L.
Journal article
Implications of feed concentrate reduction in organic grassland-based dairy systems: a long-term on-farm study (2017)
Leiber, F.; Schenk, I.; Maeschli, A.; Ivemeyer, S.; Zeitz, J.; Moakes, S.; Klocke, P.; Staehli, P.; Notz, C.; Walkenhorst, M.
Journal article
Model-Based Circuit Protection Using Solid State Switches (2017)
Brabetz, L.; Ayeb, M.; Gysen, L.
Journal article
Robotair (2017)
Hempel, M.; Wörner, M.; Letzing, S.; Hegenberg, J.; Herrmann, R.; Ziegner, D.; Schmidt, L.; Ordóñez Müller, A.; Günther, T.; Kroll, ,.; Barz, T.; Schulz, D.; Otto, P.; Mench, S.; Reutemann, C.; Weise, A.
Technical documentation
Chemosensory transduction in arthropods. (2017)
Stengl, M.
Contribution in edited book