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Identification and characterization of the bombykal receptor in the hawkmoth Manduca sexta (2017)
Wicher, D.; Morinaga, S.; Halty-de Leon, L.; Funk, N.; Funk, N.; Hansson, B.; Touhara, K.; Stengl, M.
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Impact of living mulch on arthropod fauna: Analysis of pest and beneficial dynamics on organic cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) in different European scenarios (2017)
Depalo, L.; Burgio, G.; von Fragstein und Niemsdorff, P.; Kristensen, H.; Bavec, M.; Robačer, M.; Campanelli, G.; Canali, S.
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Implications of feed concentrate reduction in organic grassland-based dairy systems: a long-term on-farm study (2017)
Leiber, F.; Schenk, I.; Maeschli, A.; Ivemeyer, S.; Zeitz, J.; Moakes, S.; Klocke, P.; Staehli, P.; Notz, C.; Walkenhorst, M.
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Impulse auf dem Weg zu einer wertschätzenden Schulkultur. (2017)
Freudenberger-Lötz, P.
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Independent suppression of ribosomal+1 frameshifts by different tRNA anticodon loop modifications (2017)
Klassen, R.; Bruch, A.; Schaffrath, R.
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Individual appropriation of learning management systems: Antecedents and consequences (2017)
Janson, A.; Söllner, M.; Leimeister, J.
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Induction-assisted laser beam welding of cast iron materials - Micorstructure and mechanical
Vollmer, M.; Mienert, G.; Böhm, S.; Niendorf, T.; Fehlbier, M.
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Influence of different types and amounts of crosslinking agent on the curing process of silicone rubber (2017)
Verheyen, F.; Giesen, R.; Heim, H.
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Influence of elevated soil temperature and biochar application on organic matter associated with aggregate-size and density fractions in an arable soil (2017)
Grunwald, D.; Kaiser, M.; Junker, S.; Marhan, S.; Piepho, H.; Poll, C.; Bamminger, C.; Ludwig, B.
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