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Effect of biodynamic soil amendments on microbial communities in comparison with inorganic fertilization (2017)
Faust, S.; Heinze, S.; Ngosong, C.; Sradnick, A.; Oltmanns, M.; Raupp, J.; Geisseler, D.; Jörgensen, R.
Journal article
The nervous and visual systems of onychophorans and tardigrades: learning about arthropod evolution from their closest relatives (2017)
de Sena Oliveira, I.; Martin, C.; Gross, V.; Hering, L.; Tepper, B.; Jahn, H.; Stevenson, P.; Mayer, G.
Journal article

Martin Luther

Freudenberger-Lötz, P.
Journal article
Telecom wavelength emitting single quantum dots coupled to InP-based photonic crystal microcavities (2017)
Kors, A.; Fuchs, K.; Yacob, M.; Reithmaier, J.; Benyoucef, M.
Journal article
FC Bayern München Goes Social - The Value of Social Media for Professional Sports Clubs (2017)
Wulf, J.; Söllner, M.; Leimeister, J.; Brenner, W.
Journal article
Swiss ethnoveterinary knowledge on medicinal plants - a within-country comparison of Italian speaking regions with north-western German speaking regions (2017)
Mayer, M.; Zbinden, M.; Vogl, C.; Ivemeyer, S.; Meier, B.; Amorena, M.; Maeschli, A.; Hamburger, M.; Walkenhorst, M.
Journal article