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Customers’ demands for multimodal tariffs (2018)
Witte, C.; Sommer, C.
Conference proceedings article
Centrifuge tests on the response of piles under cyclic lateral
1-way and 2-way loading
Niemann, C.; Tian, Y.; O'Loughlin, C.; Cassidy, M.; Reul, O.
Conference proceedings article
Comparison of polysomnographic parameters of RLS patients with and without augmentation (2018)
Muntean, M.; Walther, S.; Zimmermann, J.; Sixel-Doering, F.; Trenkwalder, C.
Journal article
Childhood Maltreatment in Women with Borderline Personality Disorder, Chronic Depression, and Episodic Depression, and in Healthy Controls (2018)
Brakemeier, E.; Dobias, J.; Hertel, J.; Bohus, M.; Limberger, M.; Schramm, E.; Radtke, M.; Frank, P.; Padberg, F.; Sabass, L.; Jobst, A.; Jacob, G.; Struck, N.; Zimmermann, J.; Normann, C.
Journal article
Consumer ADR in Germany (2018)
Rott, P.
Journal article
Centre for Urban & Landscape Planning History, CUL, established at Kassel University Germany. (2018)
Hennecke, S.; Kegler, H.; Bruns, D.; Reinert, W.
Journal article
Characteristics of organic dairy major farm types in seven European countries (2018)
Wallenbeck, A.; Rousing, T.; Sørensen, J.; Bieber, A.; Spengler Neff, A.; Fuerst-Waltl, B.; Winckler, C.; Pfeiffer, C.; Steininger, F.; Simantke, C.; March, S.; Brinkmann, J.; Walczak, J.; Wójcik, P.; Ribikauskas, V.; Wilhelmsson, S.; Skjerve, T.; Ivemeyer, S.
Journal article
Comparison of different methods for determining lignin concentration and quality in herbaceous and woody plant residues (2018)
Faust, S.; Kaiser, K.; Wiedner, K.; Glaser, B.; Jörgensen, R.
Journal article