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Extreme Ultraviolet to Visible Dispersed Single Photon Detection for Highly Sensitive Sensing of Fundamental Processes in Diverse Samples (2018)
Hans, A.; Schmidt, P.; Ozga, C.; Hartmann, G.; Holzapfel, X.; Ehresmann, A.; Knie, A.
Journal article

Elaborierte Unterrichtsplanung mittels E-Portfolio und Prompts. 

Uzunbacak, S.; Klusmeyer, J.
Contribution in edited book
Energy efficient heat exchanger for ventilation systems (2018)
Knissel, J.; Peußner, D.
Journal article
Einfluss elektromagnetischer Emissionen von Hochspannungsfreileitungen auf
Brockhaus, H.; Claudi, A.
Conference proceedings article
Estimating Process Duration and Safeguard Project Planning in a one-of-a-kind Production Environment by the use of Simulation Techniques (2018)
Kusturica, W.; Laroque, C.; Gliem, D.; Stolipin, J.; Wenzel, S.
Conference proceedings article