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Reflexion durch Forschendes Lernen? Analyse von Studienberichten (2018)
Holler-Nowitzki, B.; Klewin, G.; Koch, B.
Journal article
Remedies for Damage Caused by Vaccines: A Comparative Study on Four European Legal Systems (2018)
Rajneri, E.; Borghetti, J.; Fairgrieve, D.; Rott, P.
Journal article
Requirement of the Dynein-Adaptor Spindly for Mitotic and Post-Mitotic Functions in Drosophila (2018)
Clemente, G.; Hannaford, M.; Beati, S.; Kapp, K.; Januschke, J.; Griffis, E.; Müller, H.
Journal article
Response of pile groups in sand due to lateral cyclic loading (2018)
Niemann, C.; O'Loughlin, C.; Tian, Y.; Cassidy, M.; Reul, O.
Journal article