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Effect of grassland harvesting frequency and N-fertilization on stocks and dynamics of soil organic matter in the temperate climate (2018)
Nüsse, A.; Linsler, D.; Loges, R.; Reinsch, T.; Taube, F.; Ludwig, B.
Journal article
Effect of Untreated and Alkaline-Cleaned Surfaces on the Joint Strength of Plastic-Metal-Hybrids (2018)
Horn, B.; Ries, A.; Junior, W.; Kühn, M.; Müller, A.; Arend, C.; Georg-Friedrich, L.; Dröder, K.
Journal article
Efficient Low-Cost Anaerobic Treatment of Wastewater Using Biochar and Woodchip Filters (2018)
Kaetzl, K.; Lübken, M.; Gehring, T.; Wichern, M.
Journal article
Electron and hole spin relaxation in InP-based self-assembled quantum dots emitting at telecom wavelengths (2018)
Mikhailov, A.; Belykh, V.; Yakovlev, D.; Grigoryev, P.; Reithmaier, J.; Benyoucef, M.; Bayer, M.
Journal article
Emotionally aligned: Preliminary results on the effects of a mindfulness-based intervention for depression on congruence between implicit and explicit mood (2018)
Remmers, C.; Zimmermann, J.; Buxton, A.; Unger, H.; Koole, S.; Knaevelsrud, C.; Michalak, J.
Journal article