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La emergía como indicador de economía ecológica para medir sustentabilidad (2018)
Bravo Amarante, E.; López Bastida, E.; Romero Romero, O.; Calvo, A.; Schulz, R.
Journal article
Lameness prevalence and risk factors in organic dairy herds in four European countries (2018)
Sjöström, K.; Fall, N.; Blanco-Penedo, I.; Duval, J.; Krieger, M.; Emanuelson, U.
Journal article
Life cycle assessment of the valorization of rice straw for energy purposes. Rice production in Cuba (2018)
Bravo Amarante, E.; Schulz, R.; Romero Romero, O.; Gil Unday, Z.; López Bastida, E.; Güereca Hernández, L.
Journal article
Luxury does not glitter equally for everyone (2018)
Aliyev, F.; Ürkmez, T.; Wagner, R.
Journal article