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Magnetic properties of artificially designed magnetic stray field landscapes in laterally confined exchange-bias layers (2018)
Mitin, D.; Kovacs, A.; Schrefl, T.; Ehresmann, A.; Holzinger, D.; Albrecht, M.
Journal article
Magnetophoretic lensing by concentric topographic cylinders of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy multilayers (2018)
Urbaniak, M.; Holzinger, D.; Ehresmann, A.; Stobiecki, F.
Journal article
Major organic dairy farm types in Germany and their farm, herd, and management characteristics (2018)
Ivemeyer, S.; Brinkmann, J.; March, S.; Simantke, C.; Winckler, C.; Knierim, U.
Journal article
Metallated [3]ferrocenophanes containing P3M bridges (M = Li, Na, K) (2018)
Isenberg, S.; Frenzel, L.; Bruhn, C.; Pietschnig, R.
Journal article
Methane Bubble Growth and Migration in Aquatic Sediments Observed by X-ray muCT (2018)
Liu, L.; Kock, T.; Wilkinson, J.; Cnudde, V.; Xiao, S.; Buchmann, C.; Uteau Puschmann, D.; Peth, S.; Lorke, A.
Journal article
Microaggregates in soils (2018)
Totsche, K.; Amelung, W.; Gerzabek, M.; Guggenberger, G.; Klumpp, E.; Knief, C.; Lehndorff, E.; Mikutta, R.; Peth, S.; Prechtel, A.; Ray, N.; Koegel-Knabner, I.
Journal article