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The effect of dislike on accuracy and bias in person perception (2018)
Zimmermann, J.; Schindler, S.; Klaus, G.; Leising, D.
Journal article
Knowledge transfer regarding the issue of animal health (2018)
Hoischen-Taubner, S.; Bielecke, A.; Sundrum, A.
Journal article
Boys – the Disadvantaged Gender? (2018)
Bereswill, M.
Journal article
Major organic dairy farm types in Germany and their farm, herd, and management characteristics (2018)
Ivemeyer, S.; Brinkmann, J.; March, S.; Simantke, C.; Winckler, C.; Knierim, U.
Journal article
Luxury does not glitter equally for everyone (2018)
Aliyev, F.; Ürkmez, T.; Wagner, R.
Journal article
Green supply chain management in food retailing: survey-based evidence in Croatia (2018)
Petljak, K.; Zulauf, K.; Stulec, I.; Seuring-Stella, S.; Wagner, R.
Journal article
Analysis of the influences on plumage condition in laying hens:
How suitable is a whole body plumage score as an outcome?
Campe, A.; Hoes, C.; Koesters, S.; Froemke, S.; Bougeard, S.; Staack, M.; Bessei, W.; Manton, A.; Scholz, B.; Schrader, L.; Thobe, P.; Knierim, U.
Journal article