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Novel analytical study for reaction intermediates in the primary radiation interaction of dna using a synchrotron radiation-induced luminescence spectroscopy (2019)
Kojima, T.; Aihara, H.; Kodashima, Y.; Makishima, H.; Nakiri, S.; Takada, S.; Shimada, H.; Ukai, M.; Ozga, C.; Holzapfel, X.; Schmidt, P.; Küstner-Wetekam, C.; Otto, H.; Bloß, D.; Knie, A.; Ehresmann, A.; Yokoya, A.; Fujii, K.; Fukuda, Y.; Saitoh, Y.
Journal article
New evidence on the impact of the English national soccer team on the FTSE 100 (2019)
Bauckloh, T.; Klein, C.; Zwergel, B.; Heiden, S.
Journal article
Nonvolatile Electric Control of Exchange Bias by a Redox Transformation of the Ferromagnetic Layer (2019)
Zehner, J.; Huhnstock, R.; Oswald, S.; Wolff, U.; Soldatov, I.; Ehresmann, A.; Nielsch, K.; Holzinger, D.; Leistner, K.
Journal article
Natural fiber reinforced technical (bio-) composites modified with halogen-free flame retardants (2019)
Fuchs, J.; Heim, H.; Gemmeke, N.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Not All Reviews are Equal - a literature Review on Online Review Helpfulness (2019)
Rietsche, R.; Freitag, D.; Stoeckli, E.; Söllner, M.
Conference proceedings article
New political history and the writing of animal lives (2019)
Roscher, M.
Contribution in edited book