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Unterrichtsqualität und Unterrichtsevaluation (2019)
Bleck, V.; Lipowsky, F.
Contribution in edited book
Using the Footfall Sound of Dairy Cows for Detecting Claw Lesions (2019)
Volkmann, N.; Kulig, B.; Kemper, N.
Journal article
Understanding feedbacks between economic decisions and the phosphorus re-source cycle: a general equilibrium model including material flows (2019)
Grames, J.; Zoboli, O.; Laner, D.; Rechberger, H.; Zessner, M.; Sanchez-Romero, M.; Prskawetz, A.
Journal article
Understanding labour exploitation in the Spanish agricultural sector using an agent based approach (2019)
Chesney, T.; Evans, K.; Gold, S.; Trautrims, A.
Journal article
UV Surface Treatment of Polycarbonate for Adhesion Improvement to Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) (2019)
Hartung, M.; Nikousaleh, M.; Rüppel, A.; Giesen, R.; Heim, H.
Journal article