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Mangelnde Datenverfügbarkeit als Hemmnis für passgenaue Optimierung der Proteinversorgung von Monogastriern (2019)
Blume, L.; Hoischen-Taubner, S.; Kötter-Jürß, M.; Löning, J.; Renger, A.; Vogt, L.; Sundrum, A.
Conference proceedings article
Maps and Travel: An Introduction (2019)
Baumgärtner, I.; Ben-Aryeh Debby, N.; Kogman-Appel, K.
Contribution in edited book
Maps and Travel in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. Knowledge, Imagination, and Visual Culture (2019)
Baumgärtner, I.; Ben-Aryeh Debby, N.; Kogman-Appel, K.
Edited book
Mass-independent analysis of the stable isotopologues of gas-phase titanium monoxide - TiO (2019)
Breier, A.; Waßmuth, B.; Fuchs, G.; Gauss, J.; Giesen, T.
Journal article

Measuring the adsorption of superplasticizers on clinker phases in a combined SEM-CLMS study

Wetzel, A.; Arend, J.; Middendorf, B.
Conference proceedings article
Mechanical characterization of an innovative wall-to-floor connection for Cross-Laminated Timber structures (2019)
D'Arenzo, G.; Cotonaro, R.; Macaluso, G.; Fossetti, M.; Fragiacomo, M.; Seim, W.; Chiodega, M.; Sestigiani, L.
Conference proceedings article
Mensch-Tier-Beziehung, Management, Stressbelastung und Eutergesundheit bei Milchkühen (2019)
Ivemeyer, S.; Simantke, C.; Ebinghaus, A.; Knierim, U.
Conference proceedings article