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Arbeit und Beruf im Ankunftsland Deutschland (2019)
Clement, U.
Journal article
Analysing trade-offs between SDGs related to water quality using salinity as a marker (2019)
Flörke, M.; Bärlund, I.; van Vliet, M.; Bouwman, A.; Wada, Y.
Journal article
Anisotropy of intensity–capacity parameters on Aquands with contrasting swelling–shrinkage cycles (2019)
Zúñiga, F.; Horn, R.; Rostek, J.; Peth, S.; Uteau Puschmann, D.; Dörner, J.
Journal article
Analytical analysis of the bifurcation behavior of creep groan (2019)
Zhao, X.; Gräbner, N.; Wagner, U.; Hetzler, H.
Journal article
A Review and Typology of Circular Economy Business Model Patterns (2019)
Luedeke-Freund, F.; Gold, S.; Bocken, N.
Journal article
A Semiparametric Approach for Modeling Not-Reached Items (2019)
List, M.; Köller, O.; Nagy, G.
Journal article