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Deep Learning and Machine Vision Approaches for Posture Detection of Individual Pigs (2019)
Nasirahmadi, A.; Sturm, B.; Edwards, S.; Jeppsson, K.; Olsson, A.; Müller, S.; Hensel, O.
Journal article
Deflecting mode-I cracks in anisotropic materials (2019)
Ricoeur, A.; Judt, P.; Zarges, J.; Feldmann, M.; Heim, H.
Journal article
Deterministic Single-Ion Implantation of Rare-Earth Ions for Nanometer-Resolution Color-Center Generation (2019)
Groot-Berning, K.; Kornher, T.; Jacob, G.; Stopp, F.; Dawkins, S.; Kolesov, R.; Wrachtrup, J.; Singer, K.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.
Journal article