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Influence of Inlet Drying Air Temperature and Milk Flow Rate on the Physical, Optical and Thermal Properties of Spray-Dried Camel Milk Powders (2019)
Ogolla, J.; Kulig, B.; Bădulescu, L.; Wandayi Okoth, M.; Esper, G.; Breitenbach, J.; Hensel, O.; Sturm, B.
Journal article
Input and output of nutrients and energy in urban and peri-urban livestock holdings of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (2019)
Schlecht, E.; Plagemann, J.; Mpouam, S.; Sanon, H.; Sangaré, M.; Rößler, R.
Journal article
Integrating psychotherapy with the hierarchical taxonomy of psychopathology (HiTOP) (2019)
Hopwood, C.; Bagby, R.; Gralnick, T.; Ro, E.; Ruggero, C.; Mullins-Sweatt, S.; Kotov, R.; Bach, B.; Cicero, D.; Krueger, R.; Patrick, C.; Chmielewski, M.; DeYoung, C.; Docherty, A.; Eaton, N.; Forbush, K.; Ivanova, M.; Latzman, R.; Pincus, A.; Pincus, A.; Samuel, D.; Waugh, M.; Wright, A.; Zimmermann, J.
Journal article
Integrating structure and dynamics in personality assessment: First steps toward the development and validation of a personality dynamics diary (2019)
Zimmermann, J.; Woods, W.; Ritter, S.; Happel, M.; Masuhr, O.; Jaeger, U.; Spitzer, C.; Wright, A.
Journal article
Integriertes Ridesharing in ländlichen Räumen (2019)
Harz, J.; Sommer, C.
Journal article
Investigation of Residual Stresses of Hot Plate Welding (2019)
Wübbeke, A.; Schöppner, V.; Geißler, B.; Schmidt, M.; Magnier, A.; Niendorf, T.; Jakob, F.; Heim, H.
Journal article