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Mass-independent analysis of the stable isotopologues of gas-phase titanium monoxide - TiO (2019)
Breier, A.; Waßmuth, B.; Fuchs, G.; Gauss, J.; Giesen, T.
Journal article
Methods for LiDAR-based estimation of extensive grassland biomass (2019)
Schulze-Brüninghoff, D.; Hensgen, F.; Wachendorf, M.; Astor, T.
Journal article
Microhydrological Niches in Soils: How Mucilage and EPS Alter the Biophysical Properties of the Rhizosphere and Other Biological Hotspots (2019)
Benard, P.; Zarebanadkouki, M.; Brax, M.; Kaltenbach, R.; Jerjen, I.; Marone, F.; Couradeau, E.; Felde, V.; Kaestner, A.; Carminati, A.
Journal article
Modeling the Impact of Biopores on Root Growth and Root Water Uptake (2019)
Landl, M.; Schnepf, A.; Uteau Puschmann, D.; Peth, S.; Athmann, M.; Kautz, T.; Perkons, U.; Vereecken, H.; Vanderborght, J.
Journal article
Model inter-comparison design for large-scale water quality models (2019)
van Vliet, M.; Flörke, M.; Harrison, J.; Hofstra, N.; Keller, V.; Ludwig, F.; Spanier, J.; Strokal, M.; Wada, Y.; Wen, Y.; Williams, R.
Journal article