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Occam's Razor in Molecular and Systems Biology (2019)
Groß, F.
Journal article
Ohne Rente kein Paradies (2019)
Peters, S.
Journal article
On-farm wastewater treatment using biochar from local agroresidues reduces pathogens from irrigation water for safer food production in developing countries (2019)
Kaetzl, K.; Lübken, M.; Uzun, G.; Gehring, T.; Nettmann, E.; Stenchly, K.; Wichern, M.
Journal article
On the dimensionality of crystallized intelligence: A smartphone-based assessment (2019)
Steger, D.; Schroeders, U.; Wilhelm, O.
Journal article
Organic matter input determines structure development and aggregate formation in artificial soils (2019)
Bucka, F.; Kölbl, A.; Uteau Puschmann, D.; Peth, S.; Kögel-Knaber, I.
Journal article
Oxidative induction and performance of oil palm fiber reinforced polypropylene composites - Effects of coupling agent and UV stabilizer (2019)
Akindoyo, J.; Beg, M.; Ghazali, S.; Heim, H.; Mariatti, M.; Feldmann, M.
Journal article