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Manual de lingüística del hablar (2020)
Schrott, A.
Edited book
Didaktik technischer Berufe – Praxis & Reflexion (2020)
Tenberg, R.; Bach, A.; Pittich, D.
Authored book
Introduction of Traceability into the Continuous Improvement Process of SMEs (2020)
Wittine, N.; Wenzel, S.; Kern, C.; Refflinghaus, J.; Trostmann, T.
Conference proceedings article
Improvement of UHPFRC-Rheology by Using Circular Shape Memory Alloy Fibres (2020)
Schleiting, M.; Wetzel, A.; Gerland, F.; Niendorf, T.; Wünsch, O.; Middendorf, B.
Conference proceedings article
The Effect of Fiber Geometry and Concentration on the Flow Properties of UHPC (2020)
Gerland, F.; Schleiting, M.; Schomberg, T.; Wünsch, O.; Wetzel, A.; Middendorf, B.
Conference proceedings article