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Manual de lingüística del hablar (2020)
Schrott, A.
Edited book
Investigation of Residual Stresses of Hot Plate Welding (2020)
Wübbeke, A.; Schöppner, V.; Geißler, B.; Schmidt, M.; Magnier, A.; Niendorf, T.; Jakob, F.; Heim, H.
Journal article
Didaktik technischer Berufe – Praxis & Reflexion (2020)
Tenberg, R.; Bach, A.; Pittich, D.
Authored book
What data are smartphone users willing to share with researchers? Designing and evaluating a privacy model for mobile data collection apps (2020)
Beierle, F.; Tran, V.; Allemand, M.; Neff, P.; Schlee, W.; Probst, T.; Zimmermann, J.; Pryss, R.
Journal article
The effects of stress beliefs on daily affective stress responses (2020)
Laferton, J.; Fischer, S.; Ebert, D.; Stenzel, N.; Zimmermann, J.
Journal article
Comparison of performance and fitness traits in German Angler, Swedish Red and Swedish Polled with Holstein dairy cattle breeds under organic production (2020)
Bieber, A.; Wallenbeck, A.; Spengler Neff, A.; Leiber, F.; Simantke, C.; Knierim, U.; Ivemeyer, S.
Journal article