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A methodology to determine the seismic low-cycle fatigue strength of timber connections (2020)
Casagrande, D.; Bezzi, S.; D'Arenzo, G.; Schwendner, S.; Polastri, A.; Seim, W.; Piazza, M.
Journal article
A Research Agenda for the Why, What, and How of Gamification Designs Results on an ECIS 2019 Panel (2020)
Schöbel, S.; Janson, A.; Jahn, K.; Kordyaka, B.; Turetken, O.; Djafarova, N.; Saqr, M.; Wu, D.; Söllner, M.; Adam, M.; Heiberg Gad, P.; Wesseloh, H.; Leimeister, J.
Journal article