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Effect of biochar and compost on soil properties and organic matter in aggregate size fractions under field conditions (2020)
Cooper, J.; Greenberg, I.; Ludwig, B.; Hippich, L.; Fischer, D.; Glaser, B.; Kaiser, M.
Journal article
Effect of Fibre Material and Fibre Roughness on the Pullout Behaviour of Metallic Micro Fibres Embedded in UHPC (2020)
Wiemer, N.; Wetzel, A.; Schleiting, M.; Krooß, P.; Vollmer, M.; Niendorf, T.; Böhm, S.; Middendorf, B.
Journal article
Effect of matric potential and soil-water-hydrogel interactions on biohydrogel-induced soil microstructural stability (2020)
Buchmann, C.; Steinmetz, Z.; Brax, M.; Peth, S.; Schaumann, G.
Journal article
Effects of cubicle characteristics on animal welfare indicators in dairy cattle (2020)
Gieseke, D.; Lambertz, C.; Gauly, M.
Journal article