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Corrupt reciprocity - Experimental evidence on a men's game (2011)
Graf Lambsdorff, J.; Frank, B.
Journal article
CRISPR-Cas experiments for schools and the public (2019)
Ziegler, H.; Nellen, W.
Journal article
Consumer Health-Care Information Technology (2013)
Sunyaev, A.
Journal article
Certification as Solution to the Asymmetric Information Problem? (2019)
von Wangenheim, G.
Contribution in edited book
Comparison of two extraction methods used to quantify the different C18 fatty acids in feedstuff and digesta of ruminants (2006)
Cieślak, A.; Machmüller, A.; Szumacher-Strabel, M.; Potkański, A.; Scheeder, M.
Conference proceedings article
Context Data Categories and Privacy Model for Mobile Data Collection Apps (2018)
Beierle, F.; Tran, V.; Allemand, M.; Neff, P.; Schlee, W.; Probst, T.; Pryss, R.; Zimmermann, J.
Journal article