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Multifunktionale und lärmmindernde Betondecken aus UHPC -Material, Bemessung und Konstruktionsmethoden (2015)
Schmidt, M.; Scheffler, B.; Piotrowski, S.
Conference proceedings article
Multifunctional noise reducing UHPC pavement made of precast elements (2015)
Piotrowski, S.; Scheffler, B.; Schmidt, M.; Tigges, C.
Conference proceedings article
Modelling dynamic effects of multi-scale institutions on land use change (2019)
Holzhauer, S.; Brown, C.; Rounsevell, M.
Journal article
Museumsgeschichte in Kassel (2013)
Joachimides, A.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)
Mathematische Modelle im Chemieunterricht (2015)
Goldhausen, I.
PhD thesis
Measuring depression with a well-being index: Further evidence for the validity of the WHO Well-Being Index (WHO-5) as a measure of the severity of depression (2014)
Krieger, T.; Zimmermann, J.; Huffziger, S.; Ubl, B.; Diener, C.; Kuehner, C.; Grosse Holtforth, M.
Journal article