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Unterricht Physik Nr. 99/100, Themenheft "Differenzierung im Physikunterricht" (2007)
Wodzinski, R.; Hepp, R.; Wodzinski, C.
Edited book
Urban Allotment Gardens In Europe (2016)
Bell, S.;
Fox-Kämper, R.;
Keshavarz, N.;
Benson, M.;
Caputo, S.; Noori, S.; Voigt, A.

Edited book
Ultralong-Range Interactions and Blockade of Excitation in a Cold Rydberg Gas (2004)
Singer, K.; Weidemüller, M.; Reetz-Lamour, M.; Amthor, T.; Marcassa, L.
Conference proceedings article
Usability of Patient-Centered Health IT: Mixed-Methods Usability Study of ePill (2014)
Schmidt-Kraepelin, M.; Dehling, T.; Sunyaev, A.
Conference proceedings article
Useful Privacy Policy Content - Research Outline and First Results (2014)
Gao, F.; Dehling, T.; Sunyaev, A.
Conference proceedings article
Unterstützung der Logistikprozesse in der Holzbereitstellung mittels Informationstechnik (2015)
Wenzel, S.
Other publication (e.g., newspaper article, popular science publications)