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La auto-referencia en los medios (2005)
Nöth, W.
Contribution in edited book
Lab Experiments as a Tool of an Everyday Assessment (2006)
Di Fuccia, D.; Ralle, B.
Contribution in edited book
Lab Experiments As A Tool Of An Everyday Assessment (2014)
Di Fuccia, D.
Conference proceedings article
Laboratory intercomparison for biocrystallization (crystallization with additives) applied to different wheat varieties (2015)
Kahl, J.; Andersen, J.; Athmann, M.; Busscher, N.; Doesburg, P.; Fritz, J.; Geier, U.; Mergardt, G.
Journal article
Labor, Experiment (2010)
Köchy, K.
Contribution in edited book
Labor relations undergoing social change (2001)
Nutzinger, H.
Authored book