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Jordan River III

Project Details
Project duration: 20092015

The research program ‘Global Change in the Hydrological Cycle’ (GLOWA) consists of long-term research projects with a perspective of 9 years. The overall aim of GLOWA is to develop simulation tools to develop strategies for sustainable and future-oriented water management at regional level, while taking into account global environmental changes as well as changing socio-economic conditions. GLOWA projects are currently carried out in five case study regions (Danube, Elbe, Volta, Jordan River, and Impetus with a regional emphasis on Morocco and Benin) under the prevailing specific natural, political and societal conditions.

Since 2005 the Centre for Environmental Systems Research (CESR) is involved in the GLOWA-Jordan River Project with projects dealing with scenario development, eco-hydrological modeling and land-use change modeling. In phase III of GLOWA JR which has started in 2009 the overall focus of the project is on integration and dissemination of project results. Here, the CESR plays a central role being responsible for integrative scenario development and land-use change modeling:

(1) The aim of the GLOWA JR scenario exercise is to develop and analyze scenarios of different water and land management strategies to cope with global and regional change. Scenario storylines are developed under decisive participation of stakeholders and other experts from Israel, Jordan and Palestine. Quantitative elements of storylines are provided by different sub-projects aiming at a useful integration of state of the art scientific results of the project.

(2) The land-use change model LandSHIFT.R is adapted to regional conditions and applied to compute scenarios of changes in land-use and cover that are based on the scenario assumptions derived from (1). These land-use change scenarios will serve as a basis for land-use based questions of water management, such as e.g. water demand and availability for agricultural purposes.

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