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Tailored domain wall charges by individually set in-plane magnetic domains for magnetic field landscape design

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Holzinger, D.; Zingsem, N.; Koch, I.; Gaul, A.; Fohler, M.; Schmidt, C.; Ehresmann, A.
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Journal of Applied Physics
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A method, a material system, and the physics for tailoring artificial magnetic field landscapes on micron and submicron length scales over a topographically flat surface in remanence are presented. KeV-He+ion bombardment induced magnetic patterning was used for the creation of in-plane magnetized domains in Exchange Bias layer systems. This technology sets defined magnetic domain wall charges between the in-plane magnetic domains by individually set domain properties (magnitude and direction of anisotropy parameters) on both sides of the domain wall. The magnetic surface charge distribution was analyzed by magnetic force microscopy and compared to micromagnetic simulations.

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