Externally funded project

Use of total mixed ration (TMR) for gestating sows (TMR-Sauen)

Project Details
Project duration: 05/201206/2014


According to the EU Regulation on organic farming (EC) No. 889/2008,
roughage, fresh or dried fodder, or silage shall be added to the daily
ration for pigs. On many farms, however, this demand is not always met,
so that the inherent potential of feeding roughage with respect to using
home-grown resources, improving animal welfare through chewing
activity, satiation and reducing aversive behavior, and the promotion of
animal health remain unexplored.
To facilitate the options to comply
with the legal requirements and to explore the potentials, the feeding
strategy of total mixed ration (TMR), known from the dairy cattle
feeding, will be examined in the case of pregnant sows. The aim of this
research project is to examine whether the TMR can be established as an
animal-friendly feeding regime and implemented in an economically
acceptable way.

Research Areas

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