Externally funded project

Development of a situational on-farm strategy to prevent carrot fly related damage in organic carrots

Project Details
Project duration: 05/200703/2010


The carrot fly Psila rosae is a major pest species in organic carrots. Damage strongly depends on local factors and is often to be found where cropping intensity is high. Aiming at preventative strategies spatial and time-related risk factors are to be assessed. (A) Spatial risk factors such as tall vegetation and previous year carrot sites are quantified during observation walks using topographic maps and later digitised in Arc View/GIS. Further intensive flight monitoring at the field sites using yellow sticky traps is accompanied by damage assessment in carrots prior to harvest. (B) Based on local climate and monitoring data the simulation and prognosis model SWAT (www.jki.bund.de) is used to display the time-related coincidence of pest attacks and carrot growth, the latter depending on sowing and harvesting dates. Combining intensive field survey, GIS and simulation data the study aims to develop a preventative coincide avoidance strategy.

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