Externally funded project

Fachwerk (FachWerk)

Project Details
Project duration: 02/201701/2020


Project objective:

Due to an increasing distribution of information
and communications technologies (ICTs) in nearly all realms regarding private
life as well as working life, those technologies are essential to people.
However, craft businesses are still at a starting point of digitalization due
to high amounts of non-automatable and experience-based operations, resulting
in the threat of a digital separation for two reasons: First, in times of high
global competition, the use of ICTs has the potential to gain competitive
advantages. Second, there is a discrepancy between employees’ capabilities
regarding the use of ICTs. These reasons foster the separation of successful,
digitalized handcraft enterprises and those who are less digitalized.
Therefore, it is necessary to counter this separation by analyzing the status
quo, ensuring sufficient utilization possibilities of digital technologies and
by developing appropriate teaching and learning material.

Thus, “FachWerk” pursues the objective to
enhance digitalization and the development of competencies amongst craft

Objective in detail:

  • Digitalization of craft: Analysis of future use possibilities of ICTs
    & development, technical evaluation and exploitation of a teaching and
    learning platform
  • Competencies of skilled workers: Analysis of needs, conception and
    development of a teaching and learning platform and pedagogical evaluation
    of the platform
  • Adequate qualification in craft: Testing of the teaching and learning
  • Digitalization of work in building craft: Testing, evaluation and
    qualification of skilled workers
  • Digitalization of work in electronic guild: Testing, evaluation and
    qualification of skilled workers


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