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The Willingness to engage in voluntary Climate Protection Measures: a microeconometric Analysis of Chinese Households (Pakt)

Project Details
Project duration: 01/201212/2012

The research project includes the empirical analysis of the willingness of Chinese households to contribute voluntaryly in climate protection. So far, there don't exist scientific investigations to compare demand behavior in China. Therefore, the extent and the determinants of the demand for alternative propulsion technologies (e.g. electro, hybrid or gas) are focused, especially in contrast to the demand for conventional propulsion technologies (in particular gasoline). In addition, the extent to which Chinese households are willing to make higher payments for alternative propulsion technologies are examined. Therefore, data from actual demand behavior and data from hypothetical stated preferences discrete choice experiments will be used. A major objective of this research project is the comparison of the findings from China with already existing results from the USA and from Europe.

Partners: Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), University of Kassel

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