Externally funded project

SME Knowledge Transfer Laboratory Digital Factory (KMU-WisLab DF)

Project Details
Project duration: 09/201908/2022


The research project "SME Knowledge Transfer Laboratory Digital Factory" (in German „KMU-Wissenstransferlabor Digitale Fabrik“) with a duration of three years (09/2019 - 08/2022) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF - or EFRE in German) 2014 to 2020 (IWB-ERDF Programme Hesse) and by the State of Hesse

The SME knowledge transfer laboratory "Digital Factory" of the
Department of Production Organization and Factory Planning addresses all companies,
nationwide and sector-independent, involved in methods and procedures for the
digital planning of production and logistics systems within the framework of
Industry 4.0.Within the framework of the research project, a central exchange
platform for companies from the region will be created in order to demonstrate
methods of digital factory planning and their potential benefits and to explain
the integration of these methods into the operational planning process. This
will involve the development and validation of planning and experimental
scenarios for SME-relevant issues to clarify feasibility and potential. For the
companies, the added value results from an adequate and scientifically based
selection of methods to assess their current business situation regarding the
digital transformation and to implement digital planning. Through the prepared
planning scenarios, SME get a fast and problem-specific access to knowledge
within the digital planning process and organization of the company. Service
providers, suppliers and manufacturing companies can also exchange information
about their challenges, approaches and levels of maturity regarding Industry
4.0. Through this development of competences, SMEs from the Hesse region are
strengthened and prepared for future tasks within the framework of digital

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