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Theorien Globalen Lernens - Auf dem Weg zu einem deutsch-brasilianischen Dialog zwischen Sozialwissenschaftlern und Pädagogen

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This thesis paper embedded in the field of theoretical conceptions of “Globales Lernen/Global Education” investigates its enlargement by introducing a new theoretical perspective. For this reason the basis of the research was a dialogical and heuristical study through e-mail inquiry and a content analysis of articles from Brazilian social scientists and education.The study begins with a reflection of the theoretical conceptions of “dialog”, with a focus on those ones that are especially relevant to theories of “Globales Lernen/Global Education”. This is followed by a communicative validation of the empirical results together with the Brazilian scientists. This leads to the generative themes” of our dialogical research with the establishment of ten thesis. The impulses derived from these “generative themes”, are then discussed especially those ones of a more theoretical content, based on our theoretical reflections, leading to a “Dialogical Transculturalism” in response to the challenges due to globalization. Finally, the study concludes with the dialectic of the utopia of dialog.

Brasilien, Brazil, Educatio for sustainable Developement, Global Education, Globales Lernen


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