PhD thesis
Einfluss persönlichkeitsbezogener und kultureller Konstrukte auf Verhandlungen

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Zulauf, K.
kassel university press
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Successful negotiations are complex interactions, which are essential in the daily Business routine. Due to the increasing globalization with its related internationalization of negotiations it is important to deal with these cultural differences. At the same time, negotiations are an important object of investigation in different fields of research, like management, psychology, law as well as social science. The companies' success is directly related to the results in their negotiations e.g., with suppliers, customers and employees. This means negotiations have a cross-sectional function. Surprisingly no coherent theoretical basis for analyzing negotiations with clear managerial implications can be found in literature. Reasons for this lack are complex. On the one hand real business negotiations are hardly available and too heterogeneous for empirical analysis and on the other hand some game theoretical approaches have very restricted assumptions. Adding cultural differences increases the problem. On the basis of an intensive literature review I designed an experiment to analyze the importance of the personality traits related to intuition and emotion in negotiations within different cultural contexts. In the daily routine of companies it is normal to deal with information asymmetries. Beside e.g. factual information, the negotiator's personality, the preparation and culture influence the negotiation process as well as the outcome. By means of the findings in my dissertation the success in negotiations can be increased and negotiators might overcome the obstacle of inefficient negotiation results.


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