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Design and Evaluation of a Natural User Interface for Piloting an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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Hermann, R.; Schmidt, L.
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i-com - Zeitschrift für interaktive und kooperative Medien
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Controlling an unmanned aerial vehicle is challenging and requires an intensive training. One cause is the teleoperation with the conventional input device, the remote control, whose functions are complicate. This paper presents an alternative concept for the teleoperation. Its realization includes a Thalmic Myo gesture control wristlet and a Microsoft HoloLens head-mounted display. These devices are used to implement an augmented reality interface, a tactile feedback and a gesture and speech input. Finally, this implementation has been evaluated with 30 participants and compared with a conventional remote control. The results show that the proposed interface is a good solution but does not reach the performance of the remote control.


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