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Augmented Reality (AR) for Assembly Processes - Design and Experimental Evaluation

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Wiedenmaier, S.; Oehme, O.; Schmidt, L.; Luczak, H.
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International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
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Augmented Reality (AR) for assembly processes is a new kind of computer support for a traditional industrial domain. This new application of AR-technology is called ARsembly. The intention of this article is to describe a typical scenario for assembly and service personnel and how they might be supported by AR. For this purpose, tasks with different degrees of difficulty were selected from an authentic assembly process. In addition, two other kinds of assembly support media (a paper manual and a tutorial by an expert) were examined in order to compare them with ARsembly. The results showed that the assembly times varied according to the different support conditions. AR-support proved to be more suitable for difficult tasks than the paper manual, whereas for easier tasks, the use of a paper manual did not differ significantly from AR-support. Tasks done under the guidance of an expert, were completed most rapidly. Some of the information obtained in this investigation also indicated important considerations for improving future ARsembly applications.


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