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The Adhesion of LSR Thermoplastic Composites after Storage Tests

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Rüppel, A.; Giesen, R.; Heim, H.
Society of Plastic Engineers
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Antec 2017


The adhesion properties of liquid silicone rub-ber (LSR) and different thermoplastics (PC, PA, and PP) were examined in this investigation. In order to guarantee the adhesion of both components, an activa-tion (silicatization) of the TP surface, which is a con-ventional method, was carried out. Furthermore, the long-term stability of the silicatization (storage of the activated surfaces) as well as the wetting behavior were investigated. Moreover, microscopic investigations were performed to analyze the activated thermoplastic surfaces. The test specimens were produced on a 2-component injection molding machine. In accordance with the guideline VDI 2019, the peeling resistance was determined and the results were compared.

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